Monday, May 9, 2011

A Note on Author Attitude

I may be a writer but I'm a reader first and do you know what impacts my buying preferences more than anything? Author attitude. While trying to decide what books to buy for my new Kindle I had a twenty five dollar limit. I bought Maree Anderson's From the Ashes, Sandra Sookoo's Wedgie Tales and Panty Lines, Roz Lee's The Lust Boat, Elizabeth Amber's Nicholas and Joselyn Vaugnhn's Sucker for a Hot Rod. These writers have already sold me on their awesome personalities and while there are a ton of books I wanted to buy, the interaction I've had with these writers really tipped the balance in their favor, even encouraged me to push a little beyond my budget. Something to think about.



  1. Agreed, nothing like supporting people you could actually respect. When you are working to build your social platform it's something to always keep at the back of your mind - good post.

  2. Thanks so much for purchasing my book. I am truly honored.