Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Missing B.J. Scene

Due to not wanting to go over my word count I cut this out of Luke and Mary's story. But my hero really does deserve it so here  you go.

He seemed to be searching through the assortment of paraphernalia, one hand fisted over his straining erection. Maybe if she took the edge off him first…. No sooner had the idea manifest then she bent down to take him in her mouth.
            At the first small contact, Luke cried out and fell off the bed with a thump. “Christ, woman! You need to give me some warning!”
            She followed him down, slinking so that her tits popped out of the low cut top. Despite his angry words, Luke fixated on her exposed nipple, licking his lips hungrily as if he couldn’t wait to taste her. Strumming the puckered flesh, she smiled at him saucily. “Consider this your warning.”
            “What—” he cut himself off with a groan as her lips closed over his shaft. She sucked him deep, greedy for everything that made him Luke, whatever he could give her. The salty tang of him made her ravenous like never before.
            As he hit the back of her throat, she sank her nails into the corded muscles on his thighs. He jerked in surprise at the tiny bite of pain and she stopped to stare up at him.
            “Mary,” he breathed as her tongue darted out, laving the length of him, holding his gaze. Needing for him to see how much she enjoyed doing this to him, for him. She backed away for a moment, cupping his sac, rubbing her thumb over his stones and letting her exhales prickle his wet flesh. When his body trembled, she swallowed him again, moaning when his fists clenched in her hair.
            Using both her hands, one on his balls, the other working his shaft, she milked every bit of orgasm from him until he tugged at her hair. Reluctantly, she released him with a wet sounding pop.
            “What the fuck was that about?” He panted.
            She shrugged. “Just something I wanted to do.”
            Chest heaving, he pulled her up against him. She curled into him, listing to the steady thrumming of his heart. “I doubt I’ll ever figure you out, Mary.”
            “Probably not.” She agreed cheerily. Content, she settled in to listen to the sound of his heartbeat and let her mind drift in the ether.
            Fingers gliding up and down her backbone, Luke’s breathing slowly returned to normal. “Are you tired?”
            Those three little words brought everything back home for her. How come it was so easy to forget that she was sick, dying, doomed to leave this life soon when she as with him? He made her feel like a normal woman, one with a future. Not some sickly broken down old mare destined for the glue factory.
            Luke read her mood, the way he alone seemed able to do. Easing out from under her he stood up first and helped her to her feet. “Don’t even pretend like you have forgotten the agreement we reached before you so cleverly distracted me.”
            Her lips twitched. “Wouldn’t dream of it.”
            “Seriously baby, if you want to sleep—”
            She placed a finger over his lips. “Don’t Luke. You know how I feel about wasting time.”
            He kissed the digit and placed her hand over his heart. “No regrets?”
            She nodded once, succinctly. “You got it, tough guy.”

Starting up

I always feel as though I should post something important, something which will clue you in to the inner workings of my mind...but frankly, I've got nothing. I write erotic romance or "romantica". Male-female interactions only because while I am a wild woman, there is only so much choreography a girl can imagine without losing her damn mind.