Saturday, May 14, 2011

Getting to know you: Zan

I've been working on the follow up story to my December release, No Limits. No Mercy is Zan the space pirate's book. I knew from the second this 6'6 golden-eyed hunk of trouble popped into my head that I needed to write his story. He's the anti hero, shameless and oozes sensual heat. His heroine is just as snazzy, Stinger pilot Gia, a real woman of the future. She takes no shit, wants nothing but a warm body in her bed and maybe a glass of good scotch. And to fly her awesome ship to the far reaches of the galaxy.

One of the things I like to do when sussing out a new hero and heroine is find each of them a theme song.That way, when reality yanks me out of my writerly bubble I have a tether to my characters. But not just any old song will do. And some characters just don't have theme songs, they are more creations of the story  than creations of my mind.

But this book, oh man, from the second I finished the synopsis I knew the soundtrack would blow me away. Gia sauntered up and selected Dido's I'm No Angel for her theme song. Following that hypnotic tune, I selected Enigma's The Principles of Lust for the over arching background music.

Zan though, was a tough one. I was out for a walk the other day, scrolling through the options. My husband is a chronic audiophile and we have a iTunes account that could choke a donkey or play nonstop until the Sun implodes. Zan was with me, basically scoffing as I fumbled through the choices. Here's how it went down.

Jenna: Kay talk to me big guy. Tell me who you are.

Zan: You know who I am, you created me.

Jenna: True, but I need a little insight into the inner workings of your mind. What are your goals, your ambitions. What has scarred you for life?

Zan: Laser pistols and a really big knife. 

Jenna: Stop being so literal. scrolling through the artists section. I'm envisioning something metal, or maybe hardcore rap sans the let's kick the bitch vibe.

Zan: Kicks his feet up on my desk and closes his eyes. 

Jenna: Fists on hips. Am I boring you?

Zan: Well,  what do I get out of this?

Jenna: The chance to star in the best novel I've ever written. Are you old school, or new age? Come on now, help me narrow it down to a decade. Are we talking hairbands? Emo? Throw me a fricking bone here, man.

Zan: Raises eyebrow. That sounds like a mighty fine idea.

Jenna: Billy Squire's Everybody Wants You.

Zan: You're over thinking it. I'm a simple creature.

Jenna: I could just go with Elton John's I'm Still Standing.

Zan: Leans forward, scrolls down to P. There you go.

Jenna: Scowling. Primus?  The Police? Poison?

And there's the smirk I love oh so much. Selecting Poison, one of the most underrated bands of all time, I check out the selection. Though Zan is not an Every Rose Has Its Thorn kinda guy, I play the song because I love it. And then there it is, practically shaking me by the lapels.

Well Zan is a Sexual Thing. He's right. As in all things, a kiss makes it all better.

Keep It Simple, Stupid


  1. Seems like the songs really fit your characters. ;) I've never given my characters their own songs before, though music has definately inspired or encouraged stories in general. Maybe I should try it sometime!