Friday, March 29, 2013

April Newsletter

Happy spring, everyone! I love this time of year, when I get to sit out on my back deck and read and enjoy the warmer weather. In that vein, I've got a few new releases to promote. First is my debut anthology, The Pleasure Project. My story, "Project Seduction," is set in the No Limits universe, but with new characters.

 Project Seduction Available in print and ebook. 

 Jace Donovan is on the fast track at Illustra. He may have started out as a pleasure companion but his boss has promised him a major promotion if he can keep one extremely important client happy. Just one week aboard the interstellar cruise ship Trist for a bachelorette party and he’s free to put his wild youth behind him for good. Everything’s going according to plan until he realizes the mother of the bride is the one woman he could never forget.
            Haunted by memories of her night with the mysterious Jace, Evie Ripley has no time to devote on her newly reawakened lusts. Her only child is about to make the biggest mistake of her life and Evie will do anything in her power to talk some sense into her daughter. Even if she has to go through Jace—and her own heart—to do it.
And of course, the latest installment of In the Bedroom with the Rope.  
In the Bedroom with the Rope 3: Coming Undone Available exclusively at Amazon now through July.
The stakes have never been higher, or hotter, for Trevor Harrison. Forced to choose between his job as a detective and his emerging feelings for Samantha Jacobs, Trevor makes a call he's sure to regret, once again putting her needs before his own. Without the resources of Las Vegas Metro to back him up, Trevor scrambles to come up with a plan to keep Sam safe from her sadistic ex and help her rebuild her sexual confidence, no matter the cost. But his lies are about to catch up with them both....
For those of you who haven't started this serial, part 1 will be FREE on Amazon April 1 and 2, so please, spread the word!

Also, my Jennifer L. Hart chickliterotica novel, Daisy Dominatrix, is a quarter-finalist in the romance category for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards. A FREE 3,000 word excerpt is now available for kindle download and the entire book is just $2.99. If you enjoy my BDSM titles but prefer a lighter tone, this is the book for you. Any and all reviews are greatly appreciated! Wish me luck for the next round coming later this month.
I'm off to enjoy spring break with my boys. Happy reading!