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Up for Sale!

Caught Up In You 4 now up for sale on Amazon Barnes & Noble ARe,

Caught Up In You Part 4: The Point of No Return
He’s everything she always dreamed of
And so much more….

Connor Edge is a man divided. On the surface the billionaire playboy is prince charming. Loving, protective and oh so sexy and he wants to marry Baily Sinclair. Sure they’ve had their ups and downs but what couple doesn’t? She’d be a fool not to snap him up and keep him to herself.

Yet demons still lurk in the shadows of Connor’s mind. His darker nature demands her total submission and she yearns to give herself over to him completely. Can she help unite the man she loves or will the biggest secret of all drive them apart forever?

Friday, November 23, 2012

No Mercy Early Giveaway on Goodreads!

I'm only giving away a select few copies of No Mercy early, so if you want to get a jump on Zan, (and hey, who doesn't?!?!!!) sign up for the goodreads giveaway!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

No Mercy by Jenna McCormick

No Mercy

by Jenna McCormick

Giveaway ends January 21, 2013.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads.
Enter to win

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Caught Up In You Part 4

I know you're all waiting for Part 4 ever so patiently. I appreciate all the fanmail and the requests to hurry up already, seriously I do, I love the fact that you guys are as hooked on this story as I am. All I can tell you is that I am working on it, doing my very best to get it up to you this month, November as promised. It might be the 30th. The entire enchilada will be five installments of the Edgeplay serial, so two more new episodes of Baily and Connor to get caught up in.

Friday, October 26, 2012


From now on, I'm going to play this song every time I get a shitty review. So much truth here!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Short and Sweet

Or not so sweet, but spicy like only Jenna McCormick delivers! The first installment of my new serial published via is up and ready to go! Not futuristic or sci-fi, this is the first episode of my contemporary Billionaire Badboy  BDSM series. Expect about one a month throughout the rest of 2012!

Caught Up In You
Edgeplay Part 1: Once In A Blue Moon

Baily Sinclair is used to playing the cards she’s been dealt. When her only living relative falls ill, she puts her education on hold and takes over his job as head groundskeeper at the Rosemont. Her only decadence is her nightly swim, when she can shed her troubles along with her clothes, at least until a man shows up on the uninhabited estate and demands her surrender.

Held captive by a stranger, she can hardly believe when her body responds to his rough seduction. Especially when she realizes her secret lover is Connor Edge, the billionaire playboy. But there’s more to this man than makes the supermarket tabloids, a darkness he hides from the world and that Baily finds simply irresistible.

Get caught up in the saga for .99 on Kindle or Nook!

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Cover reveal for No Mercy

Coming February 2013!
No Mercy
Jenna McCormick
 ISBN-10: 0758287550 
ISBN-13: 978-0758287557

The universe’s oldest rebel, Zan has turned his back on the pampered life of luxury and made his own way aboard a living ship he and his pirate crew use to take from the privileged and sustain themselves. It’s a good, dishonest life, but he’s gone far too long without the feel of a woman’s embrace.
            Alone on an alien world, Gia longs for physical satiation, something none of the empaths can give her without a more lasting connection. Zan is the only man willing to see to her needs and though it shames her, her body responds to his on a level she has never experienced before, an intimate connection that reaches beyond sex and into the ashes of her withered heart. Bliss, until her health guard fails at a critical moment, exposing her to Zan’s memories. Now she’s saddled with a space pirate who won’t take no for an answer.
            When the universe is out to get you, paranoia is just smart thinking.

Friday, July 27, 2012

A Hero's Hop : Interview with Zan the Space Pirate

Jenna: Today I have the pleasure to interview one of my all time favorite villains-turned-turned hero, Zan the space pirate. Welcome to the blog, Zan.

Zan: Appreciate it, luscious one.

Jenna: *simpers* Damn, when did it get hot in here? Anyhow, Zan, back to you. You're a space pirate, that's an interesting occupation. How did you get started looting and pillaging?

Zan: I reckon I fell into it. Stole a ship that needed energy to live, energy it can take energy from any source, a star, a planet, another ship. My ship goes to where the food is, latches on like a babe to its mother's breast. The first time he did, he'd glommed on to a luxury liner.   I ain't one to let an opportunity slip past, so I liberated some of there worldy possessions. We ate like kings for almost a month.

Jenna: Sounds like your more an opportunist than a space pirate. Tell us about some of your adventures.

(Zan and his lady love, featured in No Mercy, Coming in early 2013. Click photo to preorder your copy today!)

Zan: Sweetheart, I've traveled across the universe for decades. I've seen beauty beyond belief and horrors that would warp your mind. There was this one planet, I can't recall its name.  Colors I got no way of describing, music from the wind like nothing you've ever heard before that actually makes life grow and thrive. No humanoid species, just plants and small critters taking up every available parsec of soil. And even amidst it all, the food chain was still at work. Small things eating the flora, bigger things eating them. When the largest predators died they decomposed quickly and fed the soil again. Makes you realizes how precarious life can be.

Jenna: But you're immortal, right? You're going to live forever?

Zan: *Throws his head back and laughs* Nothing lives forever, hotstuff. I'm just in it for a longer haul than most.

Jenna: This next batch comes from my critique partner, the Amazon Goddess herself, Saranna DeWylde. "What's your favorite sexual position?"

Zan: All of the above.

Jenna: *fans self* Also from Saranna. "How long will it take you to get to earth? I have a day pass. Does you come with a space pirate captive package, because I'd pay for that."

Zan: *grins and shakes head* Ran into some trouble on earth awhile ago and I'm not exactly welcome back. But if you ever find yourself traveling through space and needing a little company, I promise you, we'll make good use of that day pass.

Jenna: Is there anywhere you haven't been but you'd like to visit?

                                                                                    (Meet Zan the space pirate in No Limits. Click to buy now!)

Zan: Not really. I take it all a day at a time, enjoying what I've got and if the opportunity arises to get a little bit more, well, who am I to say no? 

Jenna: Have you ever been in love?

Zan: I was married.

Jenna: You didn't answer the question.

Zan: *grinning* No, I didn't. 

Jenna: *sighs* And I take it you're not going to. All right, moving on. Describe your ideal lover. 

Zan: *stares at the floor for a minute* Fun. Fiesty. Full of life. Accepting. Horny as hell.

Jenna: You thinking of someone in particular?

Zan: *Smirking* Even if I was, I wouldn't tell you, because I know in the end you'd shaft me with the knowledge. You're a sick bitch.

(More Zan in the M/M short, The Ranking)

Jenna: Sexy,  you have NO idea. One more from Saranna. "Can I have a strand of your hair to use in my warlockian sex bot?"

Zan: *smiling* I don't hand out my DNA. There are...complications. Feel free to talk a bit more about your warlockian sex bot though. 

Jenna: Thank you, Zan. You can read more about Zan in No Limits, the short story The Ranking, both  available now and his own book, No Mercy coming early in 2013. One random commenter who comments WITH his/ her email address will receive a team Zan ball cap as well as be entered in the grand prize drawings for ereaders, swag and more. 

So, any questions for Zan?  

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My interview at Canned Laughter and Coffee

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Hear me say trouser snake and magical memory spooge on the radio ;-)

Monday, January 16, 2012

The moment you've all been waiting for....

Thanks to all of you, whether you followed the whole tour or stopped by  at random intervals. I hope you've enjoyed the tour. I know I sure have, but if I don't do more writing soon there won't be anything to promote and we all want to do this again, right?

Enough of my prattle, on with the show.

Qualifiers: 1. Mary Preston,2. Tracy Haidle, 3.Monica, 4. Sondrea, 5.Maria D., 6.Gail Hart, 7.Na, 8. Heather Cox, 9. Kaye Manro, 10. Laurie A. Green, 11. Catherine Lee, 12. Lindsey E.

The winner of the Kindle Fire has been selected by is.....

Number 4. Sondrea! Congratulations!

Please email me at and I will get you your prize ASAP.


Last Chance!

Okay everyone, this is your last chance to be entered in the drawing for the Kindle Fire! Be sure that you have posted a comment on EVERY stop along the blog tour, yes I will be checking. The drawing will be this afternoon. I will be blasting this out to newsletter subscribers, so if you are entered, you should be seeing this twice!

All links on this list have been verified, just in case you missed one! Good luck!

January 3: Writers Gone Wild.
AND an Interview at Kylie Griffin's Blog
January 4: Naked New Year Blog and A Giveaway!(Winner taterbug)
January 5: Frances Pauli Blog Interview 
January 6: Book Lovers and A Giveaway (Winner TBA)

January 7: SOS Aloha

(Winners- Stacie D., Tammy S., Black Roze, Sheree, Danielle G., Estella, Maria D.,  Mary, Heather, and Catherine Lee.)
 January 9: Jeanette Grey Blog and A Giveaway (Winner Heather Cox)
January 10: Kaye Manro Blog and A Giveaway Winner (Maria D)
January 11:  Interview at Believing is Seeing and A Giveaway (Winner TBA)
January 12: Smart Girls love SciFi and Paranormal Romance
AND Gotta Name My Blog

January 13: Interview at the Galaxy Express and A Giveaway (Winner TBA)

January 15: Space Freighters Lounge and a Giveaway (Winner TBA)

Rules: You MUST comment on every single blog post listed AND sign up for my newsletter. Newsletter subscribers will also have a chance to win copies of the book.

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No Limits Blog Tour Day 11

Welcome to our last stop!
Well, technically second to last since I still have the great big giveaway to announce. But first let's do a little catch up work. Kim from SOS Aloha would like to collect the winner's addresses herself. If you have won one of the ten copies from SOS Aloha please contact Kim at for the SOS Aloha blog are:
- Stacie D., Tammy S., Black Roze, Sheree, Danielle G., Estella, Maria D.,  Mary, Heather, and Catherine Lee

Congratulations to all of you! Be sure to email Kim so she can get me your address. And if you already won a book,worry not I will find another prize for you.   

And if you haven't won yet, worry not, there are still some giveaways up for grabs. BookLovers, Believing is Seeing and The Galaxy Express as well as today's post. Plus the three winners from my Newletter!

Today's link: Spacefreighters Lounge

See you all there!

Friday, January 13, 2012

No Limits Blog Tour Day Ten

(sung badly to the tune of Happy Birthday) Congratulations to me, congratulations to me, No Limits made bestseller on Amazon Canada and I couldn't have done it without all of you!

It would be more impressive if I could provide the link, but it's been bumped back off the list since yesterday afternoon when I say it had reached #94 in fiction-romance-erotica. But I saw it and squealed like a stuck pig so I know it definitely happened! LOL.

We're winding down our blog tour, only two more stops to go. Tomorrow is a day off, but I will be posting results from the giveaways we haven't heard from yet. I had trouble with my internet connection yesterday, which is why some of the comments didn't receive replies on yesterday's posts. I'll try to catch up today.
Today's link: The Galaxy Express

See you there!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

No Limits Day Nine

Okay, so we had a wee bit of confusion over the posting yesterday. What I hadn't realized was that some of you were checking the original post for the tour stops, which in theory should work and bring you right to the daily post.

In theory. Two words guaranteed to cause a SNAFU. Because I didn't realized yesterday's link didn't update but instead sent you to the post that was up when I originally went to the blog. Whoopsie.

The Sandra Sookoo believing is seeing link IS now corrected to take you directly to my interview.
And on Sunday, when the last guest post goes live I will make sure all the scheduled links are connected directly to the post and send that out again in my newsletter, so you can all make sure you've commented on every valid post. You are signed up for my newsletter by now, right?

I will also announce the giveaway winners to date, because I know there have been a few blogs we haven't heard from yet.
And speaking of winners, the winner from the Kaye Manro's blog stop is....

Maria D! Congratulations! Send me your mailing address to and I will get your book to you!

 On to today's two stops!

Link to Smart Girls love Sci Fi and paranormal romance


Link to Gotta Name my blog

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

No Limits Blog Tour Day Eight

Before we get to today's link, I want to say a few things about the author-reader relationship. This is going to sound hokey as all get-out but I believe that part of my job as a writer is to provide a quality reading experience. If I don't no one buys my books then I don't get paid! The reader is the most essential part of a book release like this one, you readers have the power to make or break the next sale for an author. How? By recommending books that you love and not downloading pirated books!

There's a lot of hate and snark and whatnot floating around out there. Piracy is a big issue for authors, especially in the digital age. We have no defense against this, other than to not write our books and I'm here to tell you the voices in my head WON'T let that happen. I want to share my stories with you and I need to make a living otherwise it's back to asking  "Do you want fries with that?"

So do me a favor. If you like my books, recommend them to other readers, help me create a buzz by reviewing them and don't download them for free. 

After school special over. Now back to the main event!

Link Interview at Sandra Sookoo's believing is seeing

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

No Limits Blog Tour: The halfway point

You read that right, we are now officially halfway through the No Limits Blog Tour. This is a great place to be if you are me, all the blogs are written and other than chit chatting with all of my and trips to the post office my job is pretty much done.

Speaking of trips to the post office, the wonderful Jeanette Gray announced the winner for the giveaway on her blog and the winner is....

 Congratulations! email me your address at and I will get your book in the mail.

Now remember, between Book Lovers and SOS Aloha there are still eleven copies to be drawn from which we will find out about on Saturday. Plus the three copies to Newsletter subscribers in January. Have you signed up for my newsletter yet? And guess what, there's another one today!

Now on to today's link. Kaye Manro's Blog

 See you there!

Monday, January 9, 2012

No Limits blog tour day six

New week, new links. Welcome to day six of the No Limits blog tour!
Many thanks to those of you who voted in the Science Fiction Romance Brigade's heats for my stories B Cubed and Stellar Timing. Double thanks for those who retweeted and spread the word about the pitch tournament. It was a huge success and I'm happy to report that BOTH of my pitches made it to the final round!

 This first link is totally unofficial, won't count to the Grand Prize but the brigade is doing a drawing from the pool of commenters for a $15.00 Amazon giftcard so you might want to check it out (and throw me a vote while you are there!

Link to the Science Fiction Romance Brigade's pitch tournament finals

Today's official visit is to my fellow futuristic romance author Jeanette Gray where I talk about striking a balance with science fiction romance and I'm giving away one copy of No Limits!
Visit Jeanette's blog Official Blog Tour Stop

See you there!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

No Limits Blog Tour Day Five

It is day five, right? This week with the extra New Year's holiday has totally thrown me off my game. Whatever day it is, there's a great big No Limits giveaway over at my pal Kim Adams SOS Aloha blog today. I have donated TEN copies to help support our troops and their families.

Support Our Soldiers (SOS) America Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization which enables romance readers to support military families. SOS was founded by Kathryn Falk, CEO of Romantic Times BookReview Magazine, and is registered with the DOD's "America Supports You" Network. For more information about SOS America Inc., contact Kim Adams,
So go forth and comment! I'll see you soon!

Link: SOS Aloha

Friday, January 6, 2012

No Limits Blog Tour: Day Four

Another day on tour! Don't know about all of you but I haven't wrecked any hotel rooms yet. Today's post is about action of a different kind and includes another book giveaway, so fasten your seat belts and get your lighters ready for the ballad!

Link: Book Lovers

Thursday, January 5, 2012

No Limits Blog Tour Day Three

Wow, did we ever have a huge turn out yesterday! I hope those of you who came for the New Year's blog hop will stick with us for the rest of the No Limits blog tour!

Just a quick update: I was made aware of a problem with comments on this blog and I have altered the comments to accept anonymous posts. If you are posting anonymously, be sure to leave the same name so I count you for the blog tour!

So now that I've bared it all with my Naked New Year post it's time to get back on the road again. Oh but wait, I need to announce the winner of the copy of No Limits! How could I forget that?

And the winner is.....

Taterbug! Congratulations! Email me at jenna (at) authorjennamac (dot) com with your address and I will get your copy in the mail ASAP!

Thank you to everyone else for dropping in and I hope you will continue on with us! There are several more giveaways coming up in the near future!

And for today's link: Interview with Frances Pauli

See you there!


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Naked New Year

December 31, 1998: (Names changed to protect the guilty ;-)

            Being a homebody with no social skills to speak of has its disadvantages when it comes to New Year’s Eve invites. Dick Clark aside, I had nothing to do.  See, I was one of the boring, brainy, Start Trek watching clever people with a great deal of emotional turmoil thrown in the mix. One thing about the teenage hierarchy, if you are unlikely to strip on the tabletop, the invitations thin out.
            Hey, even drama queens need love.
            So my friend Karen announced we were going to a club. And she decided to bring her mentally ill friend, Juan, along for the ride.  With all the elements of a great night in place, we piled into my two-door red Honda civic— the Flaming Moe— and were off.  Juan was fully equipped with a bottle of peppermint schnapps and Karen had big plans to get trashed out of her little blonde head, so I was DD.
            And that my friends, is where good sense bailed for the night.
            Well, being the little overachievers that we were, we made it to downtown Poughkeepsie about two hours before anyone else.  Juan settled his goofy ass out in the parking lot with his schnapps and we girls moseyed into the club. We listened to some techno and chained smoked for about an hour before Juan made the scene, and then he partied out on the dance floor, all alone, while we smoked and snarked.
            Yeah, I know, I'm going to hell.
            Eventually other people started to show, and we decided to dance. Being girls, we could dance with each other, no questions asked. I was content to do that, figuring my soul mate wasn't into the techno scene. I'm more a metal gal at heart. But this one guy kept bumping and grinding his way in between us.  It could have been the atmosphere, but it seemed like this guy had eight arms, because whenever I pulled one off my ass, two more took its place.
            I wiggled my way into the corner, leaving Karen at the mercy of grabby octopus. Juan was face down in our booth, partied out by 9:43.  He probably shouldn't have finished the whole frigging bottle; I doubt it mixed well with his antipsychotic meds.
             Karen and the grabby octopus sashayed over.
            "Hey, this guy's having a party at his place, wanna go?"
            "What about Juan?" I stalled.  I really didn't want to go home with some guy and see his bowl of severed fingers. If there's a lunatic in a five mile radius, he'll sense a kindred spirit and zero in on me.
            But Karen insisted, mostly because grabby octopus had bribed her with thoughts of a well stocked bar.
            So we dragged Juan and tossed him into Moe and the whole way down route nine, we're making contingency plans.
            "So, okay, if these guys seem off, we'll fake the Technicolor yawn and bee-line for the stairs."
            "And we do have a guy with us." Karen pointed to Juan who was drooling on my upholstery.
            Yup. That was the plan. 
            We parked, shook Juan awake and trundled upstairs.
            So we get to this apartment and follow the grabby octopus and his silent side-kick upstairs. There were three other people, but they made enough noise for twenty. Grabby announces he's a bartender and he keeps his place well stocked, so he can practice his trade on his roommates.
            His roommates turn out to be this hyper little bleach blonde, who could not shut up, and her boyfriend, who wasn't able to do more than grunt, and another guy, who was practically salivating over Karen. The radio was cranking and apparently that was enough to give Juan his second wind.  He was up and grooving while Miss Hyper USA cheered and the no-neck guy glowered.
            "How about some sex on the beach?"  Grabby had latched onto me, doing a very repulsive eyebrow wiggle. I was practically intoxicated by the fumes coming off of him.
            "I'm good."  I smiled thinly and handed the drink to Juan.
           "Hey guys!  Let's play the mug game!"  The blonde shrieked at us and all the guys, including Juan, start chanting, "mug, mug, mug."
            I cut my gaze to Karen, who was busy tossing back beers. The only other person in the room was Mr. Taciturn, who hadn't said a thing.
            "What's the mug game?" I asked him.  I'd led a somewhat repressed life and there are some things I just don't know, I figured the mug game was one of the holes in my social knowledge.
            "It's this game Bryan made up."
            I had no idea who Bryan was, but the game consisted of a bunch of little pieces of paper folded in half with instructions on them. The mug was passed around, and we each picked a paper. 
            The quite guy next to me started.  "Name your favorite sexual position." He looked up.  "Well I don't know what it's called…"
            Three sets of hands lunge for the coffee table and whip out the largest version of the Karma Sutra I'd ever seen. It was bigger than the 22 inch TV.
             Mr. Taciturn flips through, points to his fave (Congress of Crow) and then it's my turn.
            So there I sat, thinking, Hey, this isn't so bad. There's been no blood shed, everyone else is drunk, but they're all happy drunk, what the hell? And I open my little scrap of paper.
            "Masturbate with a beer bottle." I read.  I started sputtering.
            "Ooooohhhhhhh Angie!"
            "Don't worry," Mr. Taciturn was the only one who noticed I'd lost the smidgen of color I usually had. "Only Angie has to do this one."
            Angie, the bubbly blonde, staggered into the kitchen to rinse a beer bottle.
            "She's really gonna do this?" Karen was almost through a six pack and I could see she was looking forward to the upcoming entertainment.
            I was pretty sure I wasn't and my face showed it.
            "What's the matter, girl?" Grabby Octopus slurred at me. "There ain't nothing wrong with the human body."
            And to prove his point he started stripping.  Before you could say Caligula, everyone else, including the traitorous Juan, joined him.
            I'm not a prude.  I am, however full of inhibitions and getting naked with a group of strangers is not my idea of a rockin’ time.  Someone could at least buy me dinner first.
            So there's little old sober and fully clothed  me, slightly less sober Mr. Taciturn, who had thankfully left his pants on, Juan with one holey sock on his left foot, and drunk and naked everyone else.  
            A lesser woman would have run.  A smarter woman wouldn't have ended up there in the first place. I sat there biting my lip and smoking like there was no tomorrow. 
            Angie returned with her sanitized beer bottle, but the clock struck midnight and the radio announced 1999 and started blaring Prince's 1999. Everyone was on his or her feet, naked and moshing. The beer bottle was knocked over in all the excitement and smashed to the floor. The blonde started to cry and her boyfriend shouted at her.  I think it must have been Divine intervention.
             Karen had vanished with the guy who'd been lusting over her so I fixed my attention on Juan's one sock.  I was tempted to ask him about it, but I was worried he'd put it somewhere else. Angie and her boyfriend disappeared into a bedroom, probably to have wild monkey sex.
            The song ended and the coaxing started.  Let me tell you, if you've never been the only person dressed in a room full of the nude and inebriated, there is a major push to conform.  Grabby Octopus ushered me into the kitchen and proceeded to stick his tongue down my throat. A moment later, he rushed for the bathroom.  Not my finest hour. 
            Karen, who was down to just an unbuttoned flannel shirt, was evicted from the bathroom with a goofy grin.  "I love you, Jenna."
            I really fucking hate when someone tells me they love me when they're drunk and I'm sober.  It usually means I have hours of grief and baby-sitting ahead of me. 
            "Why aren't you naked?" Karen seemed genuinely surprised.  I may have been in Rome but the Romans could kiss my fully covered backside. I blew air between my teeth before lighting another smoke.
            Juan was passed out yet again and Karen was atypically quite. I'd sought out Mr. Taciturn, since he was at least semi-sober and tried to talk with him, about anything that didn't involve the words naked and drunk.  Unfortunately, Grabby Octopus had other ideas.  Before I knew what had happened, he made his presence known by standing on the coffee table, beating his chest and overtly challenging Mr. Taciturn.
            I gathered my wayward chicks and their discarded feathers, and beat a hasty retreat. There was a crash and a thump as we hit the landing.
            "Oh my God," Karen was coming around. "Oh my God!"
            I shoved Juan into the backseat, threw a pile of clothes on top of him and roared off down route nine.
            "Those guys just got in a fight!" Karen eyes were bloodshot.  "They got in a fight, over you!"
            "No they didn't."  My voice sounded so calm.  "They got in a fight because they were idiots."
            Karen turned to look out the windshield. "We will never speak of this night again."
But of course, we told everyone. Hey, it’s a good story.
So that was my wildest night evah! Probably the night that inspired my book, No Limits. Because although I have very obvious limits, I always wondered what it would be like to have none, to just go with the flow, wherever it might take you. 
One random commenter will win a copy of my futuristic erotic romance, No Limits.
This blog is part of the New Year Blog Hop Grand Prize is a Kindle Fire! Second Prize to another winner is an $80.00 Amazon Gift Card! Winner for the copy of No Limits will be announced tomorrow here on the No Limits blog. Be sure to leave your email address in the comments. Links to other blogs participating in the New Year Blog Hop below. Best of luck and happy new year!

Monday, January 2, 2012

No Limits Blog Tour: Day 1

 Welcome to the No Limits Blog tour! So so, glad you could join me in celebrating the release of my new futuristic erotic romance, No Limits, now available from Kensington Aphrodisia! So get ready to have some fun and comment your heart out because I'm going to be giving away tons of books and at the very end of the tour (Jan 16) a Kindle Fire!

Now that's a decent size prize and in order to win it you MUST post a comment on every single stop on the tour.
My blog here, also named No Limits, is going to be home base. Every day, other than days when the post is here I will post the direct link to the daily post.Comments made on the guiding post DO NOT COUNT, okay, so be sure to follow the link. I've vetted all of the blogs, I won't take you to anywhere nasty, scout's honor.

Don't worry if you don't get to a post right away, I won't be checking for finalists until the sixteenth of January. A couple of the posts happen on weekends, so I want to give everyone plenty of time to catch up.

Also, you MUST sign up for my NEWSLETTER to be entered in the grand prize drawing. Why? Because, I want to let you know about other fun events and promotions having to do with this book and others. I'm looking for more than a quick wham, bam, thank you ma'am here.

A word on the prizes: Nothing is set in stone. If the prize is a print copy of No Limits and you would prefer a Kindle or Nook version, I can substitute that for you. I'm even available on Kindlegraph as @authorjennamac via twitter so you can still get a signed copy! If the grand prize winner would rather have the gift card equivalent, I'll arrange that as well.

I WILL be shipping internationally, so if you do want that hard copy but you live on the other side of the globe, don't worry, I've got you covered.

Any questions can be directed to me at or left in the comments of this post. And without further ado I give you today's links!

Happy Reading!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Winner and Official release day!

And the winner of B Cubed, Book One: Born, from the day the sun stopped shining blog tour is...

Johanna! Congrats, I'll send your prize ASAP!

Thank you everyone who stopped by and I hope you will be back on Tuesday the third for the No Limits blog tour, where you have several chances to win copies of my new futuristic erotic romance, No Limits, now available from Kensington books. Click on the banner to view the original post for rules and the full blog tour schedule. 2012 promises to be out of this world. Happy New Year!
No Limits: Now available wherever books are sold. Buy your copy for NOOK or Kindle today!