Thursday, March 24, 2011

Smart phone or ereader, help me pick!

So okay, I'm sure you're all wondering the same thing. Jenna, what are your plans for your book advance money?

Here's the formula I came up with. One half to promotion of this book, including conference attendance and bigger, better blog tour prizes when No Limits becomes available. One quarter to help pay off the lingering family debt from when my husband was out of work over the winter. And one quarter for me to get a special just for me treat.

I've narrowed the choices down to a smart phone and an ereader. Both have pros and cons attached. Having an ereader seems almost necessary to me at this point. They are so much cheaper and more economical than even 18 months ago. I have so many books on my wishlist, many of which will cost less as n ebook. Cons: I know it will eat into my writing time, big time.  I'm a total book junkie and if I can gobble up a new sci fi romance or erotica title vs wrestle with my imaginary friends who are being difficult, you bet I'm going to read. And read, and read.

Then there's the smart phone. It can do so much more and my little flip to talk Samsung is wheezing its last breath it's so sad and pathetic. The downside? More than doubling my phone bill with a two year contract attached. Yikes, I better start selling books or I'll have to sell excess organs to pay for that.

So here it is, Jenna's choice. What would you do? I've set up a poll on the left which will stay open until the end of April, when hopefully my new mystery will be completed. Either comment here or vote there, because some decisions are just to big for me to tackle alone!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

No Limits Up for Preorder on Amazon!!!!!

Holy frigging hell! I have a preorder price guarantee attached with my book! I have an ISBN number months in advance! It's really, really happening!

You'd think the contract, the hours of edits and revisions the phone calls with my fabulous agent would have driven the point home but nope, all it took was THIS LINK!

Go like me, I'll wait with a big fat grin pasted on my face!

 If you think this is bad, can you imagine when I get the actual cover? I'll probably hyperventilate until I pass out.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm done!!!! Sort of....

Well, the good news is I have hit my word count goal of 75,000 for No Limits. Loose ends have been tied, the characters have their hard earned happily ever after. The story is complete. That in itself has earned me an extra glass of wine and a long soak in the tub! If offspring and neurotic beagle cooperate, of course.

But the question still remains, are they the right 75,000 words. Are there some things I could have phrased better, for more impact? Is the story an organic cohesive whole or are their glaring issues. My crit partner hasn't been over the last two chapters yet and I have until April 15 to turn this book in sooooo....

Tomorrow, there will be revisions! And I really need to get back in the groove with the mystery I've let slide over the last several weeks.

But for tonight I am going to just enjoy knowing that I did in three weeks and one day what I doubted I could pull off in six weeks. A total rewrite of chapter four through the end, to make a stronger, better book!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


I have signed my contract for No Limits! The entire manuscript is due into Kensington by April 15th! Good thing I already did my taxes for 2010!

The main character of this book, Genevieve, has received an almost total personality overhaul. And because my books are character driven, that has translated to almost a complete rewrite of the book!

Some of the events are the same, others are totally different. I might decide to post the original as a free online read at some point to see what others think of Gen's metamorphosis. We'll have to see what the publisher thinks!