Friday, July 27, 2012

A Hero's Hop : Interview with Zan the Space Pirate

Jenna: Today I have the pleasure to interview one of my all time favorite villains-turned-turned hero, Zan the space pirate. Welcome to the blog, Zan.

Zan: Appreciate it, luscious one.

Jenna: *simpers* Damn, when did it get hot in here? Anyhow, Zan, back to you. You're a space pirate, that's an interesting occupation. How did you get started looting and pillaging?

Zan: I reckon I fell into it. Stole a ship that needed energy to live, energy it can take energy from any source, a star, a planet, another ship. My ship goes to where the food is, latches on like a babe to its mother's breast. The first time he did, he'd glommed on to a luxury liner.   I ain't one to let an opportunity slip past, so I liberated some of there worldy possessions. We ate like kings for almost a month.

Jenna: Sounds like your more an opportunist than a space pirate. Tell us about some of your adventures.

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Zan: Sweetheart, I've traveled across the universe for decades. I've seen beauty beyond belief and horrors that would warp your mind. There was this one planet, I can't recall its name.  Colors I got no way of describing, music from the wind like nothing you've ever heard before that actually makes life grow and thrive. No humanoid species, just plants and small critters taking up every available parsec of soil. And even amidst it all, the food chain was still at work. Small things eating the flora, bigger things eating them. When the largest predators died they decomposed quickly and fed the soil again. Makes you realizes how precarious life can be.

Jenna: But you're immortal, right? You're going to live forever?

Zan: *Throws his head back and laughs* Nothing lives forever, hotstuff. I'm just in it for a longer haul than most.

Jenna: This next batch comes from my critique partner, the Amazon Goddess herself, Saranna DeWylde. "What's your favorite sexual position?"

Zan: All of the above.

Jenna: *fans self* Also from Saranna. "How long will it take you to get to earth? I have a day pass. Does you come with a space pirate captive package, because I'd pay for that."

Zan: *grins and shakes head* Ran into some trouble on earth awhile ago and I'm not exactly welcome back. But if you ever find yourself traveling through space and needing a little company, I promise you, we'll make good use of that day pass.

Jenna: Is there anywhere you haven't been but you'd like to visit?

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Zan: Not really. I take it all a day at a time, enjoying what I've got and if the opportunity arises to get a little bit more, well, who am I to say no? 

Jenna: Have you ever been in love?

Zan: I was married.

Jenna: You didn't answer the question.

Zan: *grinning* No, I didn't. 

Jenna: *sighs* And I take it you're not going to. All right, moving on. Describe your ideal lover. 

Zan: *stares at the floor for a minute* Fun. Fiesty. Full of life. Accepting. Horny as hell.

Jenna: You thinking of someone in particular?

Zan: *Smirking* Even if I was, I wouldn't tell you, because I know in the end you'd shaft me with the knowledge. You're a sick bitch.

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Jenna: Sexy,  you have NO idea. One more from Saranna. "Can I have a strand of your hair to use in my warlockian sex bot?"

Zan: *smiling* I don't hand out my DNA. There are...complications. Feel free to talk a bit more about your warlockian sex bot though. 

Jenna: Thank you, Zan. You can read more about Zan in No Limits, the short story The Ranking, both  available now and his own book, No Mercy coming early in 2013. One random commenter who comments WITH his/ her email address will receive a team Zan ball cap as well as be entered in the grand prize drawings for ereaders, swag and more. 

So, any questions for Zan?