Thursday, August 29, 2013

September Newsletter

Growing up, I always detested September. In NY, school didn't start until the Wednesday after Labor Day Weekend, which probably had something to do with my fervent dislike. October brought cool weather and changing leaves, but September was typically summer hot and humming with frenetic energy. I never liked periods of transition and the month marked one of the biggies. After years of being a navy wife, where I spent most of my existence in a state of flux, I adapted to transition and learned to be as flexible as possible.

I've received a few requests for items like bookmarks, autographed books, ect. I wish I had a bottomless barrel of time and resources, but I don't. So just for future reference:

Jenna's mailing policy: If I or someone I am associated with is running a giveaway, I will always pay for shipping for the listed items. Otherwise, if you would like any of my promotional materials, bookmarks, posters, ect, you must send me an SASE (Self-addressed stamped envelope) or postage paid parcel big enough to fit your requested item.

Saves me multiple trips to the post office and a small fortune in stamps.

Okay, on to good news!

I owe all of you a huge THANK YOU because No Limits reached #1 Science Fiction Romance on Amazon this month and made Amazon's Movers &Shaker's List at #5. I was in the top twenty erotica authors for both print and ebook. I took screenshots like any proud book parent just to make sure I wasn't hallucinating. What an amazing experience and I wouldn't have had it without my readers.

No Rules is officially up for sale. I'm linking you to Amazon because hey, they've been good to me, but you can find it wherever Aphrodisia books are sold. I did a live blogtalk radio reading from the latest in the Illustra series on August 26. Thanks to all those who said they listened live. Anyone who missed it you can listen here.

No Rules features Alison, the baddie from No Limits and Fenton, the betrayer from No Mercy so this is the villains redemption book.  Be sure to let me know if I pulled it off to your satisfaction!

The B Cubed trilogy will be made into audiobooks! The fabulous Hollie Jackson who produced Daisy Dominatrix for the other me is narrating. B Cubed Book 1: Born will be available on Amazon via audible and on iTunes in early November. And yes, it was always intended to be a trilogy, hence the "cubed" as in to the third power. Which means one more book to go! This is Dayen and Sage's story. Dayen is the grown son of Allora and Cormack from book one, also the reincarnated soul of Issac, Mel's first mate and has he ever got mad issues. Well, mostly issues with madness. Sage is the last hope of the endangered human race and she will do whatever it takes to see that her people survive, even tying herself to an insane cyborg hybrid. Good times ahead!

For anyone in and around the Charlotte area, I will be signing  on Saturday, September 7 from 11 to 1 at Park Roads Books. That's probably my last appearance for the year, lots to do,  so I hope to see you there.

For now, back to the smut mines with me but I'll be sure to ping you about sales, new editions or anything else exciting.

Jenna McCormick 

A little fantasy goes a long way....

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