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No Mercy
Jenna McCormick
 ISBN-10: 0758287550 
ISBN-13: 978-0758287557

The universe’s oldest rebel, Zan has turned his back on the pampered life of luxury and made his own way aboard a living ship he and his pirate crew use to take from the privileged and sustain themselves. It’s a good, dishonest life, but he’s gone far too long without the feel of a woman’s embrace.
            Alone on an alien world, Gia longs for physical satiation, something none of the empaths can give her without a more lasting connection. Zan is the only man willing to see to her needs and though it shames her, her body responds to his on a level she has never experienced before, an intimate connection that reaches beyond sex and into the ashes of her withered heart. Bliss, until her health guard fails at a critical moment, exposing her to Zan’s memories. Now she’s saddled with a space pirate who won’t take no for an answer.
            When the universe is out to get you, paranoia is just smart thinking.

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Born: Natural born humans are precious few and dwell in darkness.
Bred: Genetically engineered slaves who are the protectors of the Born.
Borg: The cybernetically enhanced enclave that split from the Born humans.
These three factions are all that remains of the human race after the world stopped turning. Scavenging in the darkness for what little is left, the war between them rages on though few know why. It begins with a child’s prophesy and can only end when they unite.
 Or die.

B Cubed Book One: Born
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From the moment he spies her silhouette cast by the bonfire, Cormack understands what it is to yearn for something he will never possess. Breds are made to provide for the natural born humans, dig their homes deep beneath the surface of the earth and to protect them from the ever-present cyborg threat.  A Bred who reaches beyond his station will be recycled immediately, yet Cormack cannot get her visage out of his mind.  Until he unearths a box, buried long before the earth stopped spinning.

Task Mistress Allora has no wish to brutalize the Bred worker she finds hoarding treasure, but as a servant of the colony that raised her from infancy, she is duty bound to report anything unusual to the Overlord, even if it costs the blue-eyed man his life. Yet something about the way Cormack watches her forces Allora to reevaluate her understanding of right and wrong. For this genetically engineered soldier is her only protection against the cyborgs who seek what they have discovered, a journal written by the prophetess Cassandra and a way to end the warring between the factions forever.
B Cubed
Book Two: Bred
Rothguard has but one desire, to rid himself of the overwhelming urge to mate and free his mind to focus on science. Being Bred means to be forever enslaved, to the Born and his own physiological needs. In order to free himself and the Breds still in captivity he requires a Bred female to study. His life as a sex slave taught him about a woman’s fickle pleasures, but his work demands more information, no matter how distasteful he might find the chore.
Seven years after the mysterious disappearance of her Only One, Mel spends her time tending Bred infants and tormented by the memories of her lost love. When a Cyborg soldier comes for her, Mel’s dormant passions surge to life. In his arms she’s found what she thought irreparably lost. If only she knew how to prove to Rothguard that her love for him is pure. Will his dark secrets destroy them both?
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  No Limits
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All Genevieve Luzon wants is to be loved by one man, a seemingly impossible task in New-New York City at the start of the twenty second century. Sure, she can buy sex as easily as order a pizza on a Friday night, but finding a forever kind of love among her self-centered peers is no easy feat for the unemployed off-world vacation coordinator. When an old friend offers her the position of secret shopper to test out the male prostitutes, Gen can’t think of a good reason to refuse. Hell, if she can’t find Mr. Right, she might as well try on a sampler of Mr. Right Nows.

Yet the perks of her new position don’t compare to the strange attraction she has, not for one of the prostitutes, but a candle that seems to warm places of her she never knew existed. When a man appears out of the flame, Gen is sure she's found the one. Rhys is an empath, made a slave by the Illustra Corporation and he’s everything Gen could ever want. Except available. Because Rhys is on a mission. One that might claim his life. He must try to free his people, consequences be damned. Now, Gen must choose between turning her back on the only man she’s ever loved and the monumental task he has set for himself. Should she risk her life fighting a war hidden from polite society against those who wish to control us all?

Is love really worth fighting for?

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Bound in the Boardroom
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Abby has a secret. A powerful career woman shouldn't get off on being a sub, or have to pay for a manwhore, yet she never feels more alive than when Franco arrives in her office with his bag of tricks.

Franco is a rope master, her master who has never failed to please her. But when he asks her for more than she is willing to give for those carnal pleasures, she is forced to evaluate him in a new light.

Can reality live up to the fantasy bubble?


Head Over Heels 
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Marley Gunderson is a sucker for hard-luck cases. She votes independent, hires the local pothead with potential to DJ her class reunion, and pines for the boy she couldn't save.William Patterson isn't interested in Marley's pity but her soft heart. Sexy and standoffish, Will's path has turned a carefree boy into a deeply troubled man with a serious helping of tragedy in his rucksack. The last thing he wants is to drag Marley into his personal cesspool, but the spark of teenage lust he felt for her blossoms into a raging inferno. Even the snarky voice of his dead friend, who resides in Will's own mind, isn't much of a deterrent for a few nights of solace spent in Marley's arms. But can he walk away again for her sake?


The Ranking short M/M erotic romance
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                                               A forbidden lust....
Duffy wants the one thing he cannot have—true intimacy with his captain, Zan the space pirate. Zan’s bold, hard, larger than life, and completely not interested. Through the ranking ceremony, Duffy has enjoyed the feel of his heart’s desire dominating him, but Zan prefers women. Duffy has learned to content himself with the formal contact and slake his lust on other members of the crew, while fantasizing about another kind of life altogether.

When an eerie gypsy woman offers him a sample of the forbidden Duffy can’t resist living out his fantasy. But will he be able to move forward, after tasting what could have been?