Saturday, April 23, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Nothing says Easter like a little post apocalyptic Sci-fi romance, eh?  

From The B Cubed Trilogy Book 2: Bred

Isaac opened his mouth to respond but the pounding of hoof beats overpowered the stillness of the night. The two breds turned to see a host of mounted men swarming around a gleaming white carriage. As was customary, both breds fell to their bellies making themselves as unobtrusive as possible so no fine born lady would be forced to look upon them.
“You two there,” one of the riders called out. “Rise to your knees!”
Rothguard and Isaac exchanged worried glances at the unusual command.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

This week's  six sentence Sunday offering comes from my WIP B Cubed.  Its a sci-fi romance trilogy. This is from book 1, BORN.

Usually, I float over the scorched landscape, the one great supercontinent surrounded by the two polar oceans. I see the piles of bleached bones on the light side, they span for miles, stretching back through time. Then, I find the survivors. They live in small clusters, the born colonies as they call themselves. They are the descendants of those that did believe the prophesy and went deep underground. The bred do all the work though, people grown like crops. 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday Excerpt from NO LIMITS!

     “Rhys?” Gen peeked around the door and scanned the cabin. Was she doing the typical idiotic film broad shtick, getting in the hero’s way at a critical moment? Probably, but who said he got to be the hero of this piece anyhow? He was the fracking body snatcher!

            How had he taken over Marshal? Even though he had done almost the same thing to her hours earlier, she would have thought that Marshal would have erected some kind of defense against the invasion, since he was an empath.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The first SF Romance book I ever loved.

Though it isn't tagged as a SF romance, probably because there is only a Happily for Now ending, instead of the classic HEA. But it does hold all the elements of SFR. a relationship as the central focus of the book, as well as a vivid futuristic landscape. This book by the uber talented Peter David is without a doubt one of the best my preffered subgenre has ever offered. Even if he doesn't consider himself a member, but we'll forgive him for that ;-)

Fist published by Pocket Books in August 1992 (yes, I was twelve, but this was before the real YA push and I was sick of the Baby-Sitter Club books.) I recall the excitement when I read the jacket copy. Since I was a huge fan of ST TNG and borderline obsessed with the Riker-Troi relationship I was pretty much salivating all over myself right there in The Paper Cutter.

This book held a whole host of first for me.The first hardcover book I ever bought, the first romance based book I'd ever read. I was already in love with the show, which then was in it's fifth season (prior to the emergence of Riker's doppleganger, later named Thomas.)

 One of the things I loved most about Peter David's Star Trek books was his attention to detail. He was obviously a fan of the show, as I'd discovered when reading a few of his Star Trek  books, A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE and Q-IN-LAW, other faves of what was essentially published fan fiction. He got the characters mannerisms down to an exact science and went beyond that to explore their hearts.

I searched for years for a book that would give me the same feelings, a sense of adventure and hope as this one did. Many offered great escapes, and became favorites in other ways but after a decade I understood that if I wanted this mix of science fiction, romance, adventure and fun I'd have to write it myself.

So there's another first. Not only did this book make me love the SF romance genre, it made me want to write it as well. And is indirectly responsible for my first sale. I can only hope that one day someone says the same thing about NO LIMITS or another of my books.