Friday, February 11, 2011

Name Change

Howdy everyone.

Just a quick update to let you know I am in the process of changing my penname. All the Lusha Lovelace stuff will now be listed under Jenna McCormick. I'm amazed at how much I spread myself around *giggle*under the Lusha persona in only a few months. So far I've updated twitter, facebook, goodreads and my website. All the accounts are the same so if you've friended me there, nothing has changed.

I'd appreciate it if you all kept an eye out for any other bits of Lusha that might still be floating in the cyber ether and let me know. My blogger profile here will remain the same, as I can't chage it without deleting everything and my lusha gmail addy is still active.

As to the reason for the change, well, believe me when I say I can not WAIT to tell you. But I sort of have to anyway.

Monday, February 7, 2011

I have an agent!

Break out the Rosa Regale and the Chocolatinis everyone! Jessica Faust from BookEnds LLC has taken my troublesome self on. And to think, I almost deleted No Limits! Rachel and Sara, you are soooooo getting a shout out in the book for stopping me before I did that!


What this means, for you non writerly types, is that a bunch of new doors just opened up for my writing. Having a quality agent means I will get professional feedback before books are submitted to publishers, and most of the bigger New York houses only take on agented submissions. BookEnds is one of the best agencies, and I'm not just saying that because she likes my voice ;-)

And yes, she's representing the other me as well, so I better knock back my wine and get cracking on Andy's story!