Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Caught Up In You Part 4

I know you're all waiting for Part 4 ever so patiently. I appreciate all the fanmail and the requests to hurry up already, seriously I do, I love the fact that you guys are as hooked on this story as I am. All I can tell you is that I am working on it, doing my very best to get it up to you this month, November as promised. It might be the 30th. The entire enchilada will be five installments of the Edgeplay serial, so two more new episodes of Baily and Connor to get caught up in.


  1. I have been stalking amazon all day is this released yet?

  2. Hi Single Mommy. The book isn't released though it is done. As soon as production is done with it and it goes up for sale I'll post links. You can follow Sanibel Moon Books on facebook and twitter to get updates too.


    Just went live. Enjoy!

  4. When will the 5th part of "Caught Up In You" be out? Will it be the last one? Can't wait! I have really enjoyed this series!

    1. Part 5: No More Denial is with Sanibel Moon production right now. I'm not commiting to a release date because of the holidays, I don't like promising what I can't deliver. Yes this is the final instalment for Baily and Connor and yes, I have anotherBDSM serial planned for 2013.

  5. When will the 3rd part of in the bedroom with the rope be out?!?!