Thursday, January 5, 2012

No Limits Blog Tour Day Three

Wow, did we ever have a huge turn out yesterday! I hope those of you who came for the New Year's blog hop will stick with us for the rest of the No Limits blog tour!

Just a quick update: I was made aware of a problem with comments on this blog and I have altered the comments to accept anonymous posts. If you are posting anonymously, be sure to leave the same name so I count you for the blog tour!

So now that I've bared it all with my Naked New Year post it's time to get back on the road again. Oh but wait, I need to announce the winner of the copy of No Limits! How could I forget that?

And the winner is.....

Taterbug! Congratulations! Email me at jenna (at) authorjennamac (dot) com with your address and I will get your copy in the mail ASAP!

Thank you to everyone else for dropping in and I hope you will continue on with us! There are several more giveaways coming up in the near future!

And for today's link: Interview with Frances Pauli

See you there!



  1. Thank you thank you thank you!! I can't wait to read it! It is my first win ever!! Emailing you now!

  2. congrats, tra!! so glad i got you to join this tour with me *grumble grumble* LOL

  3. LOL! LOVE YOU!!! I thanked you in my email to Jenna!! And thanks again Jenna!!

  4. Don't make me turn this blog tour around ladies, LOL! Too fun.

  5. see what u started, tra!? smdh :P

  6. HAHA!! We will be good, promise! *wink wink*