Monday, August 20, 2012

Short and Sweet

Or not so sweet, but spicy like only Jenna McCormick delivers! The first installment of my new serial published via is up and ready to go! Not futuristic or sci-fi, this is the first episode of my contemporary Billionaire Badboy  BDSM series. Expect about one a month throughout the rest of 2012!

Caught Up In You
Edgeplay Part 1: Once In A Blue Moon

Baily Sinclair is used to playing the cards she’s been dealt. When her only living relative falls ill, she puts her education on hold and takes over his job as head groundskeeper at the Rosemont. Her only decadence is her nightly swim, when she can shed her troubles along with her clothes, at least until a man shows up on the uninhabited estate and demands her surrender.

Held captive by a stranger, she can hardly believe when her body responds to his rough seduction. Especially when she realizes her secret lover is Connor Edge, the billionaire playboy. But there’s more to this man than makes the supermarket tabloids, a darkness he hides from the world and that Baily finds simply irresistible.

Get caught up in the saga for .99 on Kindle or Nook!

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