Thursday, December 9, 2010

Guest Spotlight Jennifer L Hart and Redeeming Characters Blog Tour!

LL: Okay, so as you may or may not know, I'm actually the other side of an already established author. Please welcome my stick-in-the-mud half, Jennifer L Hart

Jenn: The milk of human kindness flows through your veins, Lusha. Is it any wonder I hide you like a dirty secret?

LL: Kay, so what do you suppose is the fundamental difference between your persona and mine?

Jenn: Several things.  You write fantasy erotica to my more reality based romances and mysteries.

LL: You once swore up down and sideways that you would never have a pen name. What changed your mind?

Jenn: Honestly, I was pretty ignorant about why having a pseudonym might be important. I wrote contemporary romance and mystery as myself for years, sweet and steamy. But the pen name has more to do with my readers than with me.  You're not for everyone and I can't write with the same level of freedom and intensity as you do. You're the specialist to my general practitioner.

LL:*snicker* So am I the gyno or the proctologist?

Jenn: Next question.

LL: Let's talk about sex, baby.

Jenn: With myself? Sounds like a typical Thursday morning.

LL: Why do some of your books have no open door love scenes and others, like Redeeming Characters  have several?

Jenn: The story and the characters dictate the amount of intimacy that needs to be revealed. In my Laundry Hag mysteries, the primary couple is married and already emotionally connected. Doing an open door love scene for them would just be the equivalent of writing porn. Sometimes what you don't say is just as important as what you do.

Redeeming Characters is different because I believed the reader needed to witness the emotional bonding between Drue and Dakota.And then my editor got a hold of it and said it could use even more! The encounter on the balcony scene was not in the original draft, but I absolutely love it.

LL: You've mentioned that it took you three years to write this book. Did you work on it exclusively?

Jenn: Nope. I started it in April of '06. We moved in May of the same year and I abandoned it while I wrote the first Misadventures of the Laundry Hag book.  Then came "Worth the Wait", River Rats and Hag 2, plus a little dabbling with other stories. If my mind went in a straight line instead of whirling around the infinity symbol, I'd be dangerous.

LL: You're claiming Stellar Timing, even though outer space is clearly my domain. Any thoughts on handing it over?

Jenn: Nope, even though its fantasy, it's my break out sci-fi fantasy.The sexual tension adds to the story but it isn't the foundation for it like it your stuff. Deal is you get one book and one short story a year while I get the hag mysteries and the stellarverse.

LL*pouts* I want to play with Talenforth.

Jenn: Maybe I'll let you do a guest short, but you need to cooperate.

LL: So back to Redeeming Characters. Where did the name come from?

Jenn: The dark orifice where all my story titles come from. ;-) Granted this one took longer to work its way out than most. I had to consider themes within the story and narrowed it down to two. The decision was made the way all m tough calls are made. 

"Hey, Scott. Which do you like better, Redeeming Characters or
Character Redemption?"
"Character Redemption."
"Redeeming Characters it is."

LL:You did something sneaky with the story, making it a contemporary romance about writers creating a sci-fi/futuristic world. Did you plan on heading into outer space from the start?

Jenn: Nope. I've always loved science fiction but I never thought I could write it, Honestly I didn't believe I was that creative. 

LL: What are some of your favorite science fiction stories?

Jenn: Star Trek TNG, Star Wars, Farscape, LEXX, but my all time favorite is Firefly and Serenity. It's how Sci Fi should be done, with the setting and special effects enhancing the story, not carrying it.  

LL: Well, this talking to myself business has gone on long enough, so any final statements?

Jenn: Giving away a PDF copy of one of my stories to a random commenter. Read up on the choices here:

And I'm giving away a fifty dollar giftcard to the faithful on Saturday. For full details please visit

LL: Oh I got a great way to pick the winner! Eniy meany miney mick, catch a shifter by the--

Jenn: And I'm out!


  1. Thanks for stopping by, Kerri!
    Yeah we bicker nonstop on Twitter and Facebook. People who don't know they are both me must think I'm a big old snotty bitch!

  2. Fantastic! Love this interview!

    I think I said something similar on yesterday's blog, too, but it seems today's motto is forgetfulness. (Thank goodness, I hate repeating myself. I hate repeating myself.)

    Coffee? Why certainly, though it feels I should have already had some. I did? Oh...

    Anyway, thanks for introducing me to this half of you. Being out of the online loop really sucks at times. At least I have a month to play catch up. :D And this is a good start.

    I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

  3. It's all good, Heather. Repeat comments are more than welcome as long as they are genuine!

  4. LOL, Jenn & Lusha! I love you both to death.

  5. As usual another great interview Jenn. Your Redeeming Characters Blog tour is genius. It's apparent everyone is enjoying it. And I love you more for picking Firefly/Serenity as your fave Sci-Fi. Mine too.

  6. jenn and lusha,

    i wish the other voices in MY head were as creative and successful as yours LOL havin a blast blog-hopping!

  7. Love you too, Gail. Listening to you cuss was definitely one of the highlights of my year.

  8. Val, go brown coats! You are going to dig Lusha's Space Pirate Chronicles. It's like a dirty version of the Whedonverse.

  9. Saranna,
    My day isn't complete until I've made you change your underwear at least once, for whatever reason.

  10. Heather,

    So glad you're following! Without people to entertain, I'd just be that weirdo in the supermarket parking lot talking to herself.

  11. are you tryin to tell me its NOT cool to talk to myself in the parking lot!? guess its time to change my habits lol

  12. Nah, just ignore the funny looks. They are just jealous of your greatness.

  13. *doin the happy dance* your book just arrived in the mail!!!! i just might have to spend my birthday with Drue this weekend!! (hope my hubby doesnt get too jealous haha)

  14. Congrats again Heather. And Happy Birthday. My Oldest Son will be 9 on Saturday, so it's defiantly a fantastic time to celebrate!

  15. happy birthday to ur son! ill be 30 on saturday :)

  16. Really enjoyed this interview, Jenn!

  17. And the ebook winner, fished out of a hat, is VAL!!! Congrats, Val! email me at jlhart79 at (@) gmail dot (.) com and let me know which ebook you would like!

  18. Again...late to the party, but great interview Jenn!