Saturday, November 27, 2010

Let this be a lesson, always back it up!

I wrote over 5,000 words yesterday, more than doubling my typical 2,500 words in one day and accomplishing the 50,000 word count goal for National Novel Writing Month.  No Limits is far from complete, but it'll get there eventually. I was planning on launching right into my cyberpunk short B Cubed but about three hours later, my laptop started acting up. It wouldn't retrieve my user profile, and was running(crawling) very slowly. Though I was dead tired, I staied up and backed up all of my writing files to thumb drive. Good thing too, because by this morning, all that is left is the blue screen of death.

I'm taking that as a sign I need to slow down a little. maybe go outside for a spell, snag some Vitamin D. After I blog, of course. The home computer is ancient in PC terms, about 5 years old and very slow, so don't worry if you don't see too much of me in the coming weeks. Just means that I'm making things explode again.  Ain't technology grand?

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